Friday, April 18, 2014


i'm going to be starting school in 3 days. i guess it's safe to say that i've gotten a little glimpse of how life in school would be like already, it is definitely not like secondary school - come to think of it, secondary school was so damn abrupt. i can't believe that part of my life is over, i will never again be a secondary school student, not sure if i'm ready to grow up just yet - BUT i met so many amazing people from poly already... it's insane. in a good way. in the best way possible. 

i attended my freshmen bonding camp (#fmsfbc2014) and it was so much fun!! i thoroughly enjoyed myself there oh god it was crazy. i've never liked camps. heck, i didn't even bother showing up for the (supposedly) compulsory camps back in secondary school. but this one was really like no other. everybody's so so nice. my SLs were great. all of them. everything and everyone's awesome. no regrets. absolutely noooOoo regrets.

made new friends and i've been hanging out with the lot of them ever since. it is so cool, meeting people with the same passion as i do (we all love books and music yay let us all rejoice!!!11) some of us, including me, already got tickets to see the 1975 this july ;-) i am so psyched to embark on this new journey with them... i've heard that these 3 years would very likely turn out to be the best ones of my life so might as well make the best of it right?

also, yesterday was the first day of orientation - i love how the director of the school made constant divergent references and called it the day of our initiation... hahahahahaha- and i met my classmates for the upcoming semester already. none of the people i met in camp were in my class so i felt pretty bummed out and out of place, which is sort of lame of me, because everyone else probably felt that way too. but all is well since we kinda opened up to one another by the end of the day, they're a really nice and fun bunch as well. 

i met v, keif, zique, daph, josh, joel and cx - aka the wonderful group of friends i made in camp - after the end of our orientation and we headed over to timbré, a restaurant slash bar at clarke quay and i enjoyed my night immensely with great food, drinks and company. it started pouring after we finished the last of our drinks and we decided to be badasses and strolled under the rain thereafter. it was raining really heavily, by the way. we were all drenched but still we cheered and we sang... definitely a night to remember, for sure ;-) *inserts a million hearts* 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(AD) Sassy dream

Shopsassydream is undoubtedly one of my favourite web stores of all time, I absolutely love how all of their apparels are able to make you look effortlessly chic, especially their dresses! I love their dresses :-)

They recently launched a whole new collection of gorgeous apparels so before everything gets sold out, hurry and start shopping now!
I have no idea why I've been so into babydoll dresses lately!!! If you're just like me then great, they have a whole range of  babydoll dresses :-) I also like how I am able to wear the apparels from shopsassydream on different occasions, be it to school, to town, wherever!!! 

Remember to quote "carrine5" for 5% off your buys!!! Have fun shopping ♡

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"I remember that moment because, if I am honest, I have them so seldom. I am not good at noticing when I'm happy, except in retrospect. My gift, or fatal flaw, is for nostalgia. I have sometimes been accused of demanding perfection, of rejecting hearts' desires as soon as I get close enough that the mysterious impressionistic dots disperses into plain solid dots, but the truth is less simplistic than that. I know very well that perfection is made up of frayed, off-struck mundanities. I suppose you could say my weakness is a kind of long-sightedness: usually it is only at a distance, and much too late, that I can see the pattern.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

High school massacre

Just spent the past hour reading up and watching the full documentary on the high school massacre that took place in Columbine High on 20 April 1999. I've read fictional books on high school shootings before and one of them is probably in the list of my top 10 most influential books that I've ever read. Found myself extremely interested in finding out more.. and it truly got me thinking.

Imagine being pushed to the point where you'd actually go out of your way to plan a massacre in your school for over a year. Gathering bombs and guns... It's so tragic. The people who were killed on that fateful day definitely did not deserve to die like that.

There must've been a reason why the two teenagers did what they did, right? Of all the places that they could've let one of the deadliest mass shootings in the modern US history occur, they chose their very own high school. But perhaps there is no single cause. Perhaps the shooters were created by a kind of perfect storm of circumstances that gave them the means and the opportunity to carry out an outrageous act of teenage terrorism. And this was compounded by omissions and oversights by police, parents, doctors and the school. 

At least after the incident there was an increased in emphasis on bullying, social outcasts, gun culture, violent video games... etc. It has been almost 15 years since the fatal massacre. RIP to those who were lost.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mild rant

I am that person who sits uncomfortably on a bench, pretending to be busy on my phone whenever I am waiting for a friend to arrive. I would probably be going through my music library, or reading my book, my subconscious alert to my surroundings, averting my eyes up to the judgmental glares I think  are staring at me and then down, back to my book or my phone. Are the people out there really judging me? No. Probably not. I doubt anyone would even notice the girl sitting on that bench, waiting for her friends for approximately eight minutes and forty-two seconds at all. Eight minutes and forty-two seconds. Eight insignificant minutes and forty-two meaningless seconds. I do not know why that inconsequential amount of time seemed so important to me, it is not like the people that I'm waiting for wouldn't arrive, my friends are better than that, but I guess I just fear the rejection that would never come. I am a seventeen year old girl, fortunate, blessed and have no actual reasons to be upset about life, yet I somehow find one.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

(AD) Barely Naked

The amount of times that my phone has kissed the ground is kinda innumerable.

I am certainly not the kind of girl who'd spend a ton of money on phone covers, but at the same time, I really can't stand the scratches on my current phone cover?!!?! I just want to make do without an iPhone cover but we all know how it feels to just hold on to our phones when it is naked. We would peculiarly, feel naked as well. Vulnerable. Because once we drop our precious baby, that's it. Wow. I know I sound really bimbotic, first world problems much? But still, thanks to I do not have to worry about buying new phone covers or having scratches on my phone anymore. 

Not only do their skins protect my phone, it makes my phone look GORGEOUS and I cannot lie, it honestly feels like there isn't even a layer of skin protecting my phone at all, which is great because my phone is so light, as if it's naked. But it still prevents my phone from getting scratches and whatnot and it gives my phone a whole new look so it's pretty much barely naked. Ha ha ha, geddit? 

What I love about the site is that I could easily DIY my own skin slash screen protector for my phone :-) Just go to CREATE YOUR OWN, SELECT YOUR DEVICE (iPhone 5, 5s... etc) and you can start uploading your own designs and personalise your phone in whichever way you want. 

I was spoilt with choices. You'd feel the same if you were me. Should I go for the vintage floral design? I kinda like the following designs as well. Punk Alice in wonderland looks pretty damn dope to me. 
For these photos, I've yet to edit and add designs to certain parts of the phone but you could definitely choose to do different things for those portions as well ;-) 

What about a bohemian or a tribal themed phone? DECISIONS, DECISIONS... 
If your head is aching from the endless amount of ways which you could customise your phone then you could pick the designs from the site itself as well. Also, if you are super narcissistic you can totally put your own face on the skin too, who's stopping you? :-) Another fun idea would be to collage the pictures of you and your friends/bf/gf/dog/cat/unicorn/whatever and turn it into a skin for your phone, that'd be so freaking rad. 

The best part of all of these would be the fact that the price is only $12.90!!!! DIRT CHEAP!

For a high quality skin that protects your phone and makes it look cool as hell, $12.90 is so worth the money.

The removal of the phone sticker is extremely easy as well, you can do so without damaging your phone! I would definitely be posting more reflection selfies to show-off my new barely-naked skin on my phone now. :-P



I have been writing frequently in my Marc Jacobs journal this year, which is probably the main reason why I haven't been updating regularly here. Online. Call me old-fashioned but I like the idea of writing down my thoughts and stuff physically, because it would be pretty nice to look back on some day.

Today I spent the day at Tinglin's in my PJs and we snacked a lot of supposedly healthy snacks... watched The Spectacular Now on my laptop (which was an amazing movie, by the way!! I love Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley so so much) and reminisced a lot. Secondary school felt like ages ago. I am actually excited to go back to finally meet my teachers in April for the award ceremony that I was invited to attend. Starting an entirely new phase of my life really soon and truth be told, I am looking forward to packed days to come. This holiday is far too long for my own good... I hope I do not end up regretting what I'd said.

Also, I got my hair dyed a darker shade of brown the colour is close to black...... but not exactly. I like it.